Tree of Life Jewellery: Find Your Celtic Roots

The Celtic Tree of Life is a symbol of meaningful significance to Irish culture. It represents vitality, balance, and inner strength, and is deeply rooted in nature and spirituality. 

With a large catalogue of beautiful Tree of Life jewellery, we thought we would detail the history of this cultural symbol and its relevance to Ireland.

The Irish Celts

The first historical record of the Celts was 700BC - when a number of Celtic tribes lived north of the Alps and near the Danube River in Central Europe. This was only the beginning of their centuries-spanning journey. Over the next few hundred years, the Celts spread throughout Eastern and Western Europe, arriving in Ireland around 500BC. 

For several hundred years, the Celts were the dominant ethnic race in the Emerald Isle and their native language was widely spoken throughout the island of Ireland. The introduction of Christianity to Ireland led to the religion and Celtic culture merging, and this culture remained strong up until the 17th Century when the island became compromised by British forces.

Just as the Celts represent strength and resilience, their culture is still very much a part of Ireland’s identity. In fact, their language of Gaelic is still used in Ireland today, and many other elements of Celtic heritage still exist in Irish culture, such as in our national sports, Irish music and musical instruments, art and cultural values. 

The Celtic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has been observed by countless cultures throughout history, but for the Celts, this was the focal point of their very being. Known as Crann Bethadh in the native language, the Tree of Life was honoured by people, so much so that it was usually planted right in the middle of their settlements and was the meeting point for gatherings. The trees were also considered to be physical representations of the Celts’ ancestors. 

Usually an oak tree, for its large size and longevity, the Celts believed the Tree of Life to be the lifeline of their existence, and in addition to it providing shelter, medicine and nourishment to Celtic tribes and native species such as birds and insects, it was thought to be a connection to the spiritual world - a passage between the living and the dead. 

Tree of Life Symbol

The symbolism behind the Celtic Tree of Life is truly beautiful. We know that this was a substantial aspect of Celtic heritage, but even today this symbol is observed in many forms - on tapestries, as tattoos, and of course - as jewellery. It represents balance with nature, tranquility and vitality. It also acts as a relic of strength and longevity to those who possess it, and is also associated with one’s family tree.

The Celts were warriors, but they were poetic too, and held a deep relationship with nature, using it to shape their understanding of life itself. Like the seasonal cycles of a tree, the Tree of Life symbolises rebirth as it loses its leaves in Autumn before being ‘reborn’ with the blooming of leaves in Spring. Beyond just this, the Tree of Life represents a connection between the world as we know it, and the spiritual world. 

Tree of Life Jewellery

The Tree of Life is a special symbol to many of us in Ireland and across the world, and its popularity as jewellery has grown in recent years. Although it is Celtic jewellery, the Tree of Life is a symbol which has been used and respected by most religions and cultures. 

Jewellery which features the Tree of Life is truly special to its holder and represents interconnectedness, life, family, rebirth and longevity. It exudes calmness, balance and peace, and is an enchanting item to be cherished on a personal level. 

We hope you have enjoyed our introduction to the Celtic Tree of Life. Do you have Tree of Life jewellery? What is its personal meaning to you? Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, or let us know in the comments below.

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